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Why Your Next Smartphone Must be Waterproof and List of Currently Available Water Resistant Smartphones

We will probably get criticized by Apple fans by saying that your next smartphone should be waterproof or water resistant to a certain point. Today’s smartphones are almost like lifelines for people. We simply cannot live without them. Most smartphones store information for us to lead our day to day lives in a productive manner, not to mention, we cannot remember much these days and that applies to a plethora of phone numbers, email address and website addresses.

In knowing that a few drops of water or a plunge into the toilet could wipe out nearly a lifetime of stored data on a smartphone, they should all be waterproof. There are several new smartphones on the market that advertise as being waterproof or just water resistant. The difference in the two being that waterproof means that the entire smartphone may be submerged into water and still survive without any water entering into the circuits causing your latest Facebook update or Tweet to evaporate into nonexistence. Water resistant on the other hand, simply means that you can have your smartphone in the rain or your shower without any worries but in the unfortunate event that you drop it into the pool, you are officially out of luck.

The iPhone is more of a proverbial argument as to getting them replaced when they get wet. Apple purposely placed moisture sensors inside of the iPhone to detect if your ‘damage’ was caused by water or immersing the iPhone into water. Sounds like a scam doesn’t it? If Apple does decide to make the new upcoming iPhone 6 waterproof, then there will no longer be any worries will it?

As far as a list of waterproof and/or water resistant smartphones currently available, check our short list below.

Short list of currently available waterproof or water resistant Smartphones

  • HTC Butterfly – water resistant
  • HTC One M8 – water resistant
  • Kyocera Hydro Elite – water resistant
  • Kyocera Hydro Xtrmh – water resistant
  • Motorola Moto G – water resistant
  • Sony Xperia Acro S – water resistant
  • Sony Xperia Z1 – water resistant
  • Sony Xperia Z2 – waterproof
  • Sony Xperia Z – water resistant
  • Sony Xperia Z Ultra – water resistant
  • Sony Xperia ZR – water resistant
  • Sony Xperia ZL – water resistant
  • Sony Xperia Go – water resistant
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active – water resistant
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – waterproof

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Smart Contact Lenses to Trump Google Glass

Google Glass has been a hit for some, but the idea of having to tote or wear some extra device does not jive with a large percentage of the population. As an answer to this high-tech fashion fopa, eyewear startup Innovega has announced a prototype of iOptik lenses at the CES 2014.

The Innovega eyewear system is made up of two parts, glasses and content lenses. The contact lenses are in a way like Google Glass shrunk into a contact lens. Basically, the smart contact lenses allow you to the ability to enhance and focus in on objects your eye cannot define as clearly. With an accompanying set of glasses the company has created, the system displays apps and media much like a full Google Glass experience. Using the glasses with the high-tech contact lenses will enhance your vision even further.

The advantages of the smart contact lenses over Google Glass are its ability to combine a set of glasses for enhancing an image that appears to be like looking at a huge flat-screen TV in high resolution. Google Glass is like looking at the screen of your smart phone to put it into perspective.

The iOptik glasses, the name of the full system combining smart contact lenses and a set of glasses, could ultimately replace your smart phone one day and your prescription glasses/contact lenses. Yes, that is right, it is said that you may fill the smart contact lenses with your desired prescription for your eyes. It is basically a two-fold or three-fold solution system.

This could really work and be the replacement for a few devices you have to carry around on a daily basis – and zoom in on ‘things’ you want to secretly see close up.

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The Full Story (preview) of Sony PS4 vs Microsoft Xbox One In 1 Video

They guys at UnboxTherapy take a different approach to comparing and slightly reviewing the all-new Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One entertainment systems. The long wait is just about over as people from all walks of life in America take up their $500 or $600-plus to lay down on the latest and greatest video gaming systems to rock planet earth.

From all of the speculations, complaints and previews of the new systems, Unbox Therapy gives us all 17 full minutes of hard-core in-depth information and details of the new gaming systems. Which one comes out on top in their opinion? It all comes down to arrogance in their outwardly opinion possibly against Microsoft. So, they pick the PlayStation 4 because it is just better. Yeah, that may be what you get out of it but we see much more. Check out the full “story” below on the video.

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Samsung Announces New AMOLED Display Tablets for 2014 – Will they Trump iPad Air?

Samsung has announced its plans to roll out AMOLED Display Tablets in 2014, which will feature better contrast on its display due to not having the need to necessitate a backlight much like most LED displays on the current market.

Apple’s newest iPad Air, though it is receiving quite the hype and praise these days, may face its true competition in the months to come as the Korean giant expects to unveil different variations of AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) Display Tablets during 2014. Among them will be a 12.2-inch screen tablet where many of its specs where leaked online as it has already passed through FCC and received Bluetooth SIG certification.

Other Samsung tablet designs include an even bigger 13.3-inch slate, a dual-boot Android and Windows RT slate device. The anticipation circulating around AMOLED technology is the idea that the panels have darker blacks, almost pure black in some instances, where the pixels turn off and are locally lit individually.

So far Samsung has only released a few AMOLED display devices and so far they have received a lot of rave reviews. The smartphone market is undoubtedly saturated at the moment so it only makes sense to expand the efforts to roll out new tablet products combined with slate systems that can serve as a tablet and fully functional PC at the same time. If any company is able to pull it off it will be Samsung, of course with the assistance of Google and Microsoft to keep making the software for such devices.

The question begs to be asked, will Apple start seeing a decline in their ‘innovation’ and sales in 2014 due to companies like Samsung making their forthcoming announcements of more devices using technology like AMOLED?

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Twitter Users Lured by Scammers Claiming They Can Appear In Celeb Music Videos

Wouldn’t it be great to land a spot on the next celebrity music video? Of course, it would, only catch is the offer is full of empty promises as scammers have taken to Twitter to lure users through a claim that they can appear in a celebrity music video with either Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and even Lady Gaga.

Cybercrooks live in their infamy of not backing down at any challenge as they have taken on one that exploits Twitter users in their gullible ways thinking that they were supposedly chosen to appear in an upcoming celebrity music video.

These scammy messages were steadily circulating through Twitter rendering a clever campaign where the spam messages ported through Twitter accounts read: “We are trying out extras for the new Jay-z hot single. For more info follow the image right here.” Others may have read, “Spots Open For Music Extras For Miley Cyrus’s New Track, View This Image 4 Details” or “Wanna try out for the upcoming Lady Gaga music vid? follow the directions in the photo here.” Each of these messages represents a fake offering that is followed by a link redirecting users to a site, currently KPRStudio(dot)com. The image below is an actual representation of a Twitter scam attempting to lure new victims with a malicious link.

Malicious Twitter account scamming users with link to site to spread malware or phish personal information

The KPRStudio(dot)com site is currently down and considered to be a broken link. However, at one time the site may have served as a means for phishing data from users. In such a case, Twitter users were roped into entering personal information in their aspired but failed dream to allegedly appear on a future music video with their favorite celebrity.

Researchers have found where these Twitter accounts dishing out fake music video with celebrity opportunities were ones either hacked or created for the sole purpose of malicious use. Of course, this is way beyond the first time hackers have taken to Twitter to exploit computer users in more ways than you can count on all of your fingers.

Malicious campaigns such as these, even though they come and go, should always be in the back of your mind, and a clear indication to utilize caution in whatever Twitter users claim, even if you have followed them for a long time.

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Video: Hurricane Irene In motion on the streets of NYC

During the battle of NYC against Hurricane Irene, one videographer took to the streets to document what looked like an apocalyptic event marking the beginning of THE END. The video is quite interesting as the streets of New York City (Manhattan) are virtually empty. This creative dramatization deserves its merit as it is probably the best production to portray this tragedy that continues to plaque those who were in the path of Irene. Check out the video for yourself and try not to go into a panic is it is really not the end of the world, at least we don’t think it is.

Irene NYC from Buffalo Picture House on Vimeo.

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Google+ vs. Facebook: Why I Won’t Abandon Facebook for Google+

I am one of those bandwagon techie guys that has join the ranking of over 5 million people on Google Plus (Google+). Over the past few days I have played around with Google+ wondering if it was ever going to be something to compete with Facebook and I have come to an early conclusion that it won’t.

It was inevitable that a Facebook competitor, or one with the same concept, would come along and inject the interwebs with their new social world. No one has been bold enough to face Facebook in the interim. The ill-fated MySpace never stood a chance even though good ol Tom (MySpace founder) was considered to be the most friended guy in the world while Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, was pimping his nerd fro on the Harvard campus.

Google+ does not fail in terms of its interface and usability because, after all, it is very similar to Facebook’s. Where Google+ fails to really get me is the non-techie people. The ones who I have friended over Facebook when I never would have any otherwise. These people make up the bulk of Facebook even the ones who choose to use their computers maybe once a month if that. Lets face it, people are lazy and they just do not have the time for another social network. Who is going to manage two social networks if they see no real value in it? I know I won’t.

Facebook has over 750 million users. How long did it take to get that many people? Well, Facebook launched in 2004 officially as ‘Facebook’ after ‘The Facebook’ was born in a Harvard dorm room. Google could very well have 100 million users in a matter of a few months if there are enough tech savy people on this planet. Why do I keep associating Google+ with more tech savy people? Simple, tech guys sport Android phones, know the innerworkings of services that Google offers outside of just being a search engine and tech guys have the time to socially network over another network besides Facebook. The non-tech people, as mentioned earlier, have no desire to join ANOTHER social network nor do they have the time and full understanding of what Google is offering.

When you say ‘Google’, most of the world will instantly recognize it as a search engine and nothing else, Nothing! Facebook, on the other hand, is known as THE SOCIAL NETWORK and will go down in history as the only social network to have over 700 million users. Even though you have billions who access Google to simply search the internet, they won’t get that new association of Google+ unless it becomes mandated one day by the governments around the world. Good luck with that.

Anywho, that’s my scoop on Facebook vs. Google+ and I am sticking to it until further notice of Google+ reaching a user level anywhere near Facebook’s.

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Hilarious Video: Gorilla at Calgary Zoo Shows Us How to Break Dance

A new video has gone viral showcasing a Gorilla at the Calgary Zoo in Canada getting down and dirty with some break dancing. The Gorilla shown in the video below is demonstrating natural behavior the Zoo keepers have witnessed over some time. The 9-year old Gorilla, named Zola, was not taught any of these specialized dance moves, or what some may call ‘break-dancing’.

This is probably one of the most playful and exciting Gorillas you will see. Check him out below breaking it down for us all to see.

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President Obama ‘Death Stare’: Was He Watching the Live-Killing of Osama Bin Laden?

Some have said it was a serious and profound moment when describing the released image of President Obama and White House staff during the raid that resulted in the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Others are wondering what exactly they were looking at during the precise moment that the image was taken. The CNN video below draws one conclusion that it could have been live images of the Navy Seal Team 6 conducting their mission to take out Bin Laden.

Since the White House has announced that they will NOT release photos of Bin Laden’s body, this is one of the few ‘real’ images that we get to look at for now. All of those conspiracy theory mongers will have to draw their own conclusions which may be defined by President Obama’s serious ‘Death Stare’ in the image below.


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Mobile Device Privacy Debate Heats Up: Apple, Google Summoned to Senate Hearing

By now you have probably seen on the news or a media website reporting that the Apple iPhone can track your location potentially evading your privacy. Lately there has been a big uproar about privacy and the US Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission and others are now having a conversation about all of the hoopla involving iPhones and other mobile devices and their ability to track locations without the user knowing about it.

Senator Al Franken has summoned Apple and Google to participate in an upcoming hearing with the Judiciary Subcommittee to talk about privacy, mainly Mobile device privacy.


“Recent advances in mobile technology have allowed Americans to stay connected like never before and put an astonishing number of resources at our fingertips,” Franken said in a statement. “But the same technology that has given us smartphones, tablets, and cell phones has also allowed these devices to gather extremely sensitive information about users, including detailed records of their daily movements and location. This hearing is the first step in making certain that federal laws protecting consumers’ privacy-particularly when it comes to mobile devices-keep pace with advances in technology.”

Sure the media has attempted to make a mountain out of a mole hill in talking about how the iPhone purportedly records your location and it can be retrieved in some form or fashion. What Apple may be claiming is that data is only accessible by the iPhone user but we all know if there is a way hackers will find it.

So far, Google nor Apple have admitted to being summoned by Franken to go over these ‘Privacy issues’.

What do you think about iPhone and other mobile device privacy? Is it a major issue? Should they address it NOW instead of later when several lawsuits are smacking Apple in the face?

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