Are Facebook’s New and Simplified Privacy Controls Enough?

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facebook-privacy-changesMany of us would agree that Facebook’s privacy controls and settings were rather complex and in the end revealed too much private information to the world. Now with Facebook making a change Wednesday to simply and improve privacy controls it still leaves some users worried about their private data on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and CEO, admitted that the privacy settings were complex and as a result decided to make Facebook users happy by implementing a change that includes the following.

  • One simple control – One control that sets privacy up for all friends, everyone or friends of friends.
  • The one control applies to all content now.
  • The new control plays to all new features of Facebook going forward now.
  • Granular controls are still available for the users who liked them.
  • With a simple click you can ‘set’ your privacy settings.

Facebook as also changed the Basic Directory Information. All of the ‘connection’ settings have been removed as it confused many members. This means it will be less publicly available information and you will have real privacy controls. In addition, friends will still be able to find you.

Platform sharing has also changed with the latest privacy settings overhaul. There is now an option to fully opt out for platform and instant personalization.

Facebook as provided new details and examples of these changes along with a granular permissions model. You can research this information for yourself and I have to admit, some of it is less confusing than it use to be but be rest assured, some people will still find it difficult.

What it comes down to is users taking out the time to actually ‘change’ their settings now that they have been simplified. If no action is taken, then it means a user could still be telling something that they thought was private on Facebook.

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