Facebook is Testing a ‘Stalker (Subscribe to) Button’

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facebook-stalker-subscribe-to-buttonEver wanted to keep close tabs on certain friends on Facebook? Well, you may be able to because Facebook is testing a ‘Subscribe to’ button that will allow users to receive alerts any time a specific ‘chosen’ friend performs certain actions over Facebook.

Basically, this new feature would allow you to ‘subscribe’ to a user and then you will be opted in to receive exclusive notifications in the notification bar (or on your mobile device) any time the chosen friend posts content to Facebook.

If you really think about this, then you will start to think things are getting a little creepy on Facebook. I can only hope there will be an opt-out function where it will not allow any of your friends to “Stalk” or subscribe to you. Last thing some people need is their boss subscribing to them on Facebook and finding out that they spend 5 hours playing around on Facebook. I wonder how a lawyer would handle the case if the person gets fired? What about restraining orders… how will that play into the mix because after-all, this would be considered “Stalking” someone don’t you think?

Would you want to use the ‘Stalker Button’ feature? Would you allow your friends on Facebook to use it on you?

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