Facebook Faces Privacy Failures and Backfires

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facebook-privacy-issuesI use to think that Twitter had all lot of privacy issues but lately it seems Facebook has become king of privacy backfires.

If you use Facebook’s chat feature then you may have noticed that today it was down due to maintenance. Well, I had to find out what was going on because I like to chat with my geeky partners via facebook chat from time-to-time and low-and-behold, Facebook was fixing a security hole that allowed others to view pending friend requests and chat history of friends.

A few sources including TechCrunch posted this issue today along with a demonstration video below. Among other security issues that Facebook has had blow up in their face lately, are issues that lets people view others events that they are attending via Facebook’s Graph API. That’s right, any old Joe Schmo could go to http://zesty.ca/facebook/ and search for anyone and view upcoming events that a specific person has accepted to attend.

As more and more people join Facebook, currently over 400 million members, they will start to find other security holes. Remember, nothing online is full-proof. There is always a way for a hacker, or your friend, to get a-hold of personal information. If you post it online, then you better be sure that you do not mind sharing it with the world.

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