Electronic Pickpocketing Coming To A Thief Near You

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If you are like me, then you are also wondering what this world has come too with all of the bad things that happen now days including the infamous pick-pocketing thieves. Today’s age is totally different from that of 30, 20 or even just 10 years ago. We have technology to thank for making our lives so much better but has it made it better or worse when it comes to theft?

Pick-pocketing is not your usually discussion at work over the morning coffee pot but nevertheless, it does still happen only now days it is happening electronically without physically removing your wallet or purse. Thieves have the capability to steal your credit card information without digging in your pocket or making away with your wallet. This new technology literally puts about 140 million people at risk, the estimated number of people with RFID enabled cards.

Ever heard of the RFID radio frequency? If not, then let me explain. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Basically RFID is a technology that uses radio waves to exchange data between a reader and electronic tag attached to a particular object. It allows consumers to easily ‘swipe’ their card to pay for something. All US Passports issues since 2006 have an RFID card which goes to show how frequently this technology is used.

In the case of thieves ‘electronically pick-pocketing’ you, they use a reader to read the certain RFID enabled credit cards virtually stealing its information. This stolen data can be used to recreate your credit card credentials thus allowing a thief to charge your credit card. Pretty clever isn’t it?

Not everyone has an RFID type card but it is becoming more popular. For instance, Suntrust banking is one institution that issues RFID cards and all a thief would need is a sophisticated scanner (reader) to steal your card information.

Below is a video exclusive reporting on this very issue. Are you now more fearful of getting pick-pocketed now?


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