Edward Snowden Reveals Backdoors Planted by NSA Can be Leveraged by Outsiders

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Whistleblower Edward Snowden is still captivating us with information that the NSA allegedly hides from us and one of the latest findings is what backdoors planted by the NSA can be leveraged by others. This information comes to us as Snowden uses a Beam telepresence robot at the TED Conference in Vancouver.

Snowden documents that were published back in September of 2013 uncover the “Bullrun” classified program, which is said to have a goal to break the encryption that is used to protect internet communications. Through such a program it is claimed that the NSA intentionally misleads corporate partners so they can safeguard the system but it is actually bad advice as it may degrade the quality of service.

In reality, as reports have recently said in regards to Snowden’s documents, backdoors are being built that not only the NSA can exploit, but others who have the proper resources and time can do also. This means those with the right tools could ultimately attack companies who are left vulnerable because of backdoors leveraged by the NSA.

“The NSA has traditionally worn two hats; it’s been in charge of offensive operations and defensive operations. Usually, it prioritizes defense over offense; American secrets are worth more,” Snowden explained.

Just the other week reports published by The Intercept showed that the NSA has processes that could enable them to plant malware on millions of systems around the world. With the use of backdoors leveraged by the NSA it could open up all sorts of outsiders to perform these malicious actions against companies potentially collecting private data that could allow cybercrooks to infiltrate online systems including banking systems.

The vast uncertainty and unknown realm of the NSA perpetuations almost everyday as Snowden documents are sifted through and other classified information is leaked.

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