“Put Some Duct Tape On It” Will Apple Recall iPhone 4 For Antenna Issue?

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The news stories are buzzing in full force about Apple and if they will actually issue a recall on the iPhone 4 due to reception issues or what some say, an antenna design flaw. Maybe Beyonce should make a new song called ‘Put some duct tape on it’ (instead of ‘Put a ring on it’) for all of the new iPhone 4 users!

Sure, I was one of the suckers who laid down $200 for the latest and greatest to come out of Cupertino, CA last month. Lately I have started to regret my purchase but I am going to patiently wait this one out and see what Apple has to say about Consumer Reports’ latest findings and non-recommendation of the iPhone 4. Basically Consumer Reports, the company that we have trusted for decades in testing and recommended “good” products, has said, “Due to this problem, we can’t recommend the iPhone 4.”

The video above makes you want to cry right? Well, maybe not if you are one of the lucky few that are still able to avoid any dropped called because you choose to hold the iPhone 4 near the infamous break/line between two of the wrap-around antennas.

iphone-4-duct-tapeI know one thing, I AM NOT buying a rubber bumper to put around my iPhone 4. I want to leave it naked so the world can ogle at its beauty. Then again, the bumper makes you wonder if Apple already knew of this issue early on.

If you have visited the Apple support forums lately you will notice that anything related to negative iPhone 4 PR or words describing anything remotely close to the “antenna issues” are being deleted. That’s right; anything negative about the iPhone 4′s issues is being removed from the forum by Apple.

So will Apple recall this iPhone 4? If you remember a little time after the original iPhone came out in 2007, Steve Jobs apologized for lowering the price on the next set of iPhones and then offered consumers of the very first batch of iPhones a $100 gift. The iPhone 4 could cost Apple even more considering they sold over 1.7 million over the release weekend.

I still have my old iPhone 3GS. It looks pretty nice right about now due to my numerous dropped calls on my new iPhone 4.

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