How I Was Able to Detect and Remove Antivirus .NET From My Malware Infected PC

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antivirus-dot-net-rogueI recently encountered an application called ‘Antivirus .NET’. At first thought I was sure Antivirus .NET was some website message that came from the domain ‘’ but I was completely wrong. Antivirus .NET was nothing other than a fake antivirus program. I found out it was fake from the various program notification messages that it kept displaying. These messages were not going to back-down until I took some action.

Unfortunately, the actions that the Antivirus. NET program wanted me to take were to spend over $60 for a program that offered services that I knew I do not need. How did I know that I do not need Antivirus .NET? Because I have Avast installed on my system and it does all of the anti-virus protection that I need. Furthermore, Avast had detected 2 malicious sites and one virus in the past 3 months for me saving my butt from either loosing personal data or keeping my system from crashing. Who knows what these malware parasites are capable of.

What did I do after discovering I had Antivirus .NET installed on my PC?

I attempted to have Avast scan my system to detect the parasite but for reasons unknown, it did not find it. After that, I started to do a few Google searches on Antivirus .NET and found out for certain it was what some security expert sites call a ‘Rogue Anti-Spyware’ program. These are fake security applications created with the purpose of extorting money as one site explained. Of course it was. Antivirus .NET had me feeling like I needed to just purchase it just to stop the aggravating popups. Has this ever happened to you?

How did I finally remove Antivirus .NET?

This is where things got a little dicey. I attempted to manually remove Antivirus .NET by booting my system into safe mode (pressing F8 at boot sequence) and then located each individual Antivirus .NET file and registry entry. Little did I know there was some additional related registry entries located in my Windows system registry that somehow brought Antivirus .NET back to life upon rebooting my system. I was at wits end in trying to remove this garbage. So I decided to try out the malwarebytes application, suggested by bleepingcomputer, which seemed to have detected some other malware, mainly trojan horse parasites, on my system and removed it with no problem but I was still plagued by Antivirus .NET after my 3rd restart of my PC. I later found another application from enigmasoftware which seemed to have detected Antivirus .NET on the first scan. So I bit the bullet and purchased their software and it simply removed Antivirus .NET from my system only while in safe mode. After the next reboot, Antivirus .NET did not reappear. I could have taken extra steps to finish the manual removal process but why should I if someone else can do it for me? I guess I am just that lazy.

After this experience I have decided to no longer allow my little brother to utilize my computer for his “extra-curricular activities” of searching for adult entertainment. In other words, he somehow encountered malware on adult sites that may have installed Antivirus .NET on my system among other malware parasites.

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