What is ‘Best Malware Protection’ and How to remove it from your PC?

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Best Malware Protection is a program that I ran across last month on my PC that has be second guessing whether I installed it or not. After doing some extensive research on Best Malware Protection it was later discovered that I was dealing with a fake security program designed by hackers.

Best Malware Protection is a rogue anti-spyware program that can easily be passed off to a novice computer user as a trusted security program designed to detect and remove malware. Furthermore, Best Malware Protection looked as if it found all types of Trojans, spyware files and malware on my PC and I was about to buy the full program so it could remove them. Boy am I glad I did not purchase Best Malware Protection because after reading more about the program, it was found that it will basically take your money in return for basically nothing.

Sources found via Google search to determine what exactly Best Malware Protection is:

The purchased version of Best Malware Protection was found to be identical to the trail or free edition. That means that a purchased edition of Best Malware Protection will NOT legitimately detect or remove malware from your computer.

Programs such as Best Malware Protection are designed with one thing in mind and that is to grant its creators a quick payday. That payday almost came at the expense of my failure to do research on the Best Malware Protection program which I am glad I did in the end.

Let this be a warning and help guide for you. Do not trust the Best Malware Protection program and no matter how legitimate or convincing a ‘security program’ may look, do some research on it via a simple Google search before you trust it.

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