Are We Ready for 3D TV?

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My grandparents use to tell me stories about the first time they saw a TV color screen and I remember the very first time that I stepped foot into a local SoundAdvice store and witnessed the beauty of an HDTV. I even remember the first time that I saw Jaws in 3D. These were all moments that technology stapled a permanent image in my mind. Now that the new hype is 3D TV, I wonder if it will be as prominent as those other moments in history. Those were the good old days. Now, we are going back in time to relive that 3D experience all over again but are we really ready for it?

Sure, Hollywood can pump out some amazing 3D movies, Avatar is proof of that concept. The major drawback would be the availability of viewing 3D movies in your home without buying a new relatively expensive 3D TV. Not to mention, when you put on a set of 3D glasses it diminishes the light output that you would actually pick up through your eyes. I don’t think that is the direction that we want to head in.

Why use a 5 cent pair of 3D glasses to watch a billion dollar movie on a $5 thousand (or more) 3D TV set, let alone, at the movie theater?

3d-tv-glassesThen there are those movies that were turned into a 3D movie after it was shot normally without the intent on making it officially 3D. These can be very distracting to the viewer and if done poorly, can just mess up your viewing experience altogether. Avatar, on the other hand, is a nicely done movie that the flaw of the glasses filtering out light was overlooked because the over-all experience is good and the directors were savvy enough to pull it off.

Have you ever watched a 3D movie at the theater, or anywhere else, and you felt the need to pull of the 3D glasses every minute or so to see if your view would “clear up”? Well, chances are, that was a fake 3D movie that was processes into 3D after it was shot. It is a rather complicated process and you would call out every little “fake” detail that you saw just like you did in those horrific CGI clips in certain movies that we have seen in the past… cough cough “XXX 2 State of the Union”.

What it comes down to it is just plain expensive to do 3D right and it is plain expensive to have a good viewing experience at home. Just think, you have to purchase one of these new 3D TV sets (if you can find one), a nice pair of 3D glasses, a blue ray player capable of playing the 3D blue ray disc and a killer sound system if you want to hear as good as you can see. I just do not see 3D TV catching on right now. Maybe give it a few years. Hollywood is already shelling out a lot of cash in making 3D movies but can the public match them in those efforts for watching the movies? Just because they can do it (make 3D movies) does not mean that they should. Give me a good IMAX theater screen to watch a normal 2D movie or pop in “The Dark Knight” Blue Ray on my Panasonic Plasma HDTV and I am a happy camper, for now.

What are your thoughts on 3D TV?

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