Apple Opens ‘Try Before You Buy’ iPhone Apps Store Section

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Have you ever downloaded one of those trial programs for your computer and ended up deleting it because it was garbage? What about a trial application that was so good that you ended up purchasing it? Apple has now joined the rankings of offering trial apps for the iPhone.


Many of the applications for iPhone in the iTunes app store that have a free version that offers a paid-for version with more features or functionality, are now offered in the new “Try before you buy” section of the app store. This new addition could be what some think is a ploy or maybe it is designed to deter app pirates. Either way, it will be interesting to see how successful this turns out to be.

The app store has virtually turned into a full fledged application bar that we use to see on hundreds of websites for PC software.

What do you think about the try before you buy idea? Would be keep you from wasting money on “worthless” apps? Or will it waste your time by forcing you to download a watered down version of what could be a great app for your iPhone?

Source: techcrunch

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