Apple Introduces New Macbook Air and OS X Lion

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macbook-air-1Today during Apple’s Keynote address they went over new versions of their iLife software in addition to OS X Lion and the new Macbook Air. The major highlight of the event would naturally be the new Macbook Air laptop followed by the new Mac OS X Lion which features newly integrated gesture-functions from iOS (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) devices.

The new Macbook Air is yet another revolutionary design with a slider uni-body aluminum shell and frame that at its thickest point is only .68 inches and then tapers down to a mire .11 inches. Two versions of the Macbook Air will be offered, the 13.3 inch version which weighs 2.9 pounds and a 11.6 inch version that weighs 2.3 pounds. Prices start at $999 for the 11.6 inch with 64gb of flash storage space and a 5 hour battery life. The 13.3 inch Macbook Air will start at $1299 for the 128gb model with 7 hours of battery life surfing the web. If you wish to bump up the storage space to 128gb (double the size) on the 11.6 inch version, it will cost an extra $200. For 256gb of flash memory storage on the 13.3 inch version, it will add on another $300 to the price for a total of $1599. All Macbook Air laptops have a 30 day standby time.

No optical drive and no hard drive in either of the models although they all include a built-in web cam to take advantage of Facetime, which is offered in beta version to all Mac users starting today. The screen resolution for the 11.6 inch Macbook Air is 1366×768 while the bigger 13.3 inch version gets 1400×900. A full list of all of the specs can be found on

Will you be purchasing the new Macbook Air which goes on sale today any time soon? Do you think Apple has done a good job with the newest Macbook Air?

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