Apple iPad over-’Exposed’ In New Amazon Kindle Ad?

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Have you seen the interesting commercial where a woman at the poolside is reading her Kindle in direct sunlight while the guy next to her is attempting to do the same with an iPad but is not successful at doing so? If not, then check out the video below.

The video below is Amazon’s new commercial for its Kindle e-reader that is going after the Apple iPad in many ways than one. For starters, Amazon touts the Kindle’s screen as being readable in direct sunlight which can be a make-it or break-it kind of deal for those looking for a new e-book reader. Not only does Amazon’s Kindle ‘shine’ in readability outdoors, but the advertisement takes another stab by having a bikini-clad actress in the ad saying, “It’s a Kindle. $139,” and then smiles and says, “I actually paid more for these sunglasses.” These are all bonuses in my book. Also, who wants to look at the dorky guy that needs to shave holding his hand over the iPad so he can read it in the sunlight?

We all know that the iPad can do all types of stuff that the Kindle can’t but that is at a price of $499 vs. the Kindle’s $139 price. The point in this ad just takes a different direction for picking a fight with the new Apple iPad.

What do you think about it? Is it a very clever ad or are they (Amazon) barking up the wrong tree and bound to get pooped on by the Apple iPad?

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