Apple and AT&T Hit With iPhone 4 Class-Action Lawsuit

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iphone-4-dont-hold-by-antennasUnless you are hiding under a rock you have probably heard about the many complaints about the iPhone 4′s reception issues when held a certain way. Many tech blogs and new iPhone 4 consumers have posted YouTube videos demonstrating what happens when the iPhone 4 is cupped or held a certain way. Basically, the iPhone 4 has an apparent flaw in the use of the outer metal band as the antenna.

Even my good partner on DerangedGeek has experienced the issue with his new iPhone 4. Now Apple and AT&T are facing a class-action lawsuit accusing Apple of defect in design. The lawsuit against both Apple and AT&T was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland by Ward & Ward, PLLC and Charles A. Gilman, LLC. on behalf of Kevin McCaffrey, Linda Wrinn and a number of other iPhone 4 owners.

Details of the lawsuit is basically an accusation blaming Apple of Defect in Design, Manufacture and Assembly, as well as Breach of Express Warranty. The part against AT&T and Apple is a claim of General Negligence, Deceptive Trade Practices, Intentional Misrepresentation, Negligent Misrepresentation and Fraud by Concealment.

Think of it as you may, this is rather a very complex situation and many people think it is not warranted. As the complaints of the new iPhone 4 roll in about reception issues or dropped calls we may see even more of these lawsuits join the rankings.

Do you think these lawsuits are warranted? Do you think Steve Job’s response (your holding it wrong/don’t hold the iPhone 4 that way) was out of place and purchasing the $29 rubber bumper is NOT a feasible solution in any shape or form?

Remember, don’t hold the iPhone 4 by the antennas because Steve Jobs OWNS you! Sure!

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