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Deranged Geek is about all things that Geeks like us enjoy. Deranged Geek is a place that anyone can enjoy reading about some of the latest techie news, devices and tips. Not only is Deranged Geek for the every-day nerd, but common every-day-Joes can enjoy the subject matter found on DerangedGeek.com.

The name Deranged Geek does not mean we are crazy but rather we tend to be more of a “deranged” geek when start talk about things that we love. Our friends know us as being deranged, or crazy, because we have such a passion for fiddling with the latest gadgets, computers, electronics and all things that are techie. The nickname Wolverine and Wizzergeek are used by us on DerangedGeek.com because this is what many of our friends call us due to our take-no-crap attitude and cynical (sometimes funny) way of communicating to others in person. If someone has a question about the latest technological item on the market they usually come to us instead of the guys at your local electronics store.

I hope that you are able to enjoy DerangedGeek.com and we look forward to getting your feedback which you are more than welcome to leave in the comments sections of any post. If you wish to contribute to DerangedGeek.com in any way please feel free to send us a personal email message. We will do my best to get-back-to-ya!

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About the Author

Derangedgeek01 I'm a typical geek who's absolutely crazy about computers and tech-related news. My goal is to share with you the latest happenings in the technology world in a down-to-earth manor that anyone would be able to understand. I read every comment and your responses are greatly appreciated. I hope that you enjoy yourself at DerrangedGeek.com!