5 Popular Mysteries of the PC Solved!

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computer-mysteriesComputers have nearly become a home appliance that is needed almost as much as a refrigerator on some households in America. The common PC running some version of the Windows operating system remains to be the most popular configuration among homes and even offices. Most of the users of PCs have somewhere along the lines experienced some type of mysterious event such as a downloaded file not being found or should you allow Adobe Reader and Java update all the time. These mysterious things happen to all of us and you should not always wonder if that beep that your computer makes when starting up is something you should look into getting fix or is it completely normal.

Here are 5 popular mysteries of the PC explained in from my common knowledge and experience which could help you.

  1. Why can’t I find a file that I just downloaded?
  2. Many times we download files or multiple files using different web browsers. Most times we never know where each web browser is setup to save those downloaded files and this could be a time consuming endeavor to find downloads. Each web browser has a set folder for saving downloads and you can customize that setting by opening up the ‘options’ in your specific web browser. Once you find the options and where downloads are saved, you can change the set path to your desired folder such as selecting your ‘my documents’ folder.

  3. Why doesn’t my iPad, iPhone or iPod connect and/or charge when I plug it into the front USB port on my PC?
  4. This is a common issue that Apple failed to address in the past. What it comes down to is, most USB ports in located in the front of a PC desktop or tower are actually ‘bridged’ and do not provide ample power to sometimes load an iPad, iPhone or iPod properly. In many cases neither an iPhone nor iPod will charge using the front USB ports. To solve this issue, it is best to use a USB port in the back of your PC. Many of the rear USB ports provide enough power to successfully sync or charge your iPhone or iPod. The iPad is a similar case but please keep in mind, iPads will NOT charge when connected to most PCs regardless of the port used. You must also use the proper USB cord that came with your device. A regular iPod or iPhone cord may not be compatible with the iPad and vic versa.

  5. My PC beeps when I turn it on. What do those beeps mean?
  6. Most PCs are configured by default to send some type of audible alert upon boot process. Those beeps come from the BIOS (software built into the motherboard). Each series or beeps mean something from as simple as a power-on notification to the RAM not being accessible. If your PC boots normally and runs fine, then you should not be concerned about one beep during startup. If you hear a combination or series of beeps and your PC fails to boot correctly, then you must look up how to decipher the PC beep code dependent on your type of motherboard. This may be done by contacting the manufacturer of your PC or doing a Google search for ‘PC Beep Code Meanings’.

  7. Why am I getting popups and system scans from some security program that I did not install myself?
  8. When this occurs, 9 times out of 10 you have a malware parasite installed on your computer. Malware, or what is also commonly referred to as spyware, is known to slip onto computer systems without alerting the computer user. When this takes place, the user may later notice popup messages appearing out of nowhere in addition to system scans being conducted by some unknown application. If this is the case, then the computer user must take immediate action to detect and remove the threat. There are several viable solutions out there that computer users can use to scan and remove malware. These programs include Spyware Doctor, SpyHunter and Spy Sweeper.

  9. My Printer wont print and I am not able to delete or cancel print jobs.
  10. This is a common issue with Windows PCs. The issue lies with the PC not successfully communicating with the printer. In most of these cases it is a software related problem. Simply rebooting the PC may or may not resolve the issue. In the case that rebooting does not resolve the issue, the use of a repair app may be needed to restore printing capabilities. Even still, unplugging the printer and then reconnecting it could also be a way to restore communication with the PC and printer. There is a printer communication repair program called ‘Stalled Printer Repair‘ that can be used to purge the printing queue and get the PC and printer communicating again. Not only will it clear any pending printing jobs, but you will be able to resume printing new jobs that you start after the fact.

What computer mysteries have you encountered that you cannot seem to resolve? Share with us (below in the comments section) so you may help others.

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