3D LCD TVs That Do Not Require Glasses Likely in 2015

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3d-tv-glassesIt may be possible that in the year 2015 we will have 3D TVs on the market to do not require you to wear 3D glasses according to a Taiwanese research group who recently showed off an early version of such a TV.

3D TV is not quite caught on with consumers at home. Although the movie industry continues to put out a slew of new movies in 3D at the theaters, it is nothing that consumers are jumping up and down about to bring the same experience into their living room. Some of the reasons for this is the price of a new 3D TV and then there is the fact that you have to wear 3D glasses.

Some of these new 3D glasses, which are required to wear to view true 3D content on new 3D TVs, may run you a couple hundred dollars. Just image supplying your whole family of 5, or better yet a whole party of 10 to 15 people, with 3D glasses. That would potentially cost you just as much as you paid for the 3D TV.

Expected out in the year 2015, are 3D TVs that do not require wearing 3D glasses. The Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) recently displayed a 42-inch 3D LCD TV that does not require use of 3D glasses. The company says that they could make these glasses-free 3D LCD TVs up to 65-inches.

It has also been reported that several other companies, mainly in South Korea and Japan, are working on the same glasses-free 3D TVs.

The current 3D LCD and Plasma TVs were showcased to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show this year and has only slightly caught on to some consumers.

With the slow start for 3D TVs, should consumers hold off another few years? Should we save our money and keep watching regular 2D HDTV sets until they perfect 3D TVs to the point of the new glasses-free 3D technology? These are questions that everyone is asking because this type of technology does not come cheap. Just think, you have to buy a new glasses-free 3D LCD TV and the new blue-ray player to play the media. Although you would be saving on the price of 3D glass, I could not imagine now much a new glasses-free 3D TV would cost.

What do you think? Are you a 3D TV fanatic or could you wait until they offer a better solution than wearing 3D glasses?

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