Hackers Will One Day Take Over Your Car Because It is a Giant Computer On Wheels

Little do you know, modern-day cars are like big computers rolling on 4 wheels. There are multiple electronic components on cars, many of which use microprocessors like the computer or smartphone you are reading this article on. Fundamentally, your car has more computing power than was used to launch the rockets and pilot the spacecrafts [...]

Startups Are Great: The Body Dryer Poised to Replace Shower Towels

Innovative startups are awesome, especially when such a startup company with an intriguing invention attempts to replace something in our lives that everyone uses. With that said, the New York-based startup The Body Dryer is attempting to replace your shower towel with a system that dries you from the ground up. With a device similar [...]

Anticipating the iPhone 6: Rumors Seem Feasible

The iPhone is undoubtedly the most sought after mobile device on the planet even though Samsung is really giving Apple a run for their money, in a literal sense. With rumors starting to stir around once again on the internet we found ourselves speculating what is to come of the next version of the iPhone, [...]

Google Wallet Coming To Glass Allowing Users to Speak ‘Payments’ On the Go

There is already much controversy over Google Glass being an invasion of privacy for some with its advanced camera and instant sharing features. It seems Google will stir the pot even more with the integration of Google Wallet, which will be part of Glass soon. Reportedly, Google is testing a way for Glass to send [...]

CoinKrypt Malware Using Android Phones to Pilfer Data for Casinocoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin

Virtual currencies are becoming popular and useful in many ways in the internet-driven and techie age we live in. With each step of opening up currencies to the virtual world we find ourselves faced with an abundance of hackers who use advanced malware to basically steal the funds, which is taking place using the recently [...]

Edward Snowden Reveals Backdoors Planted by NSA Can be Leveraged by Outsiders

Whistleblower Edward Snowden is still captivating us with information that the NSA allegedly hides from us and one of the latest findings is what backdoors planted by the NSA can be leveraged by others. This information comes to us as Snowden uses a Beam telepresence robot at the TED Conference in Vancouver. Snowden documents that [...]

Apple Talks With Comcast Could Lead to New Set-Top Box Streaming Services

The rumors of Apple having some serious talks with Comcast surrounding a possible Apple Smart TV are being sparked recently. Reported, from the Wall Street Journal, a new service would include an Apple set-top box that allows special access on Comcast’s equipment essentially bypassing internet congestion. This service would more than likely include streaming, on-demand [...]

Google Smartwatch Specifications Leak Out – Similar to Galaxy Gear 2

Smartwatches have yet to take a front seat in the market of techie gadgets, but at the same time they refuse to take a backseat as we get wind of the specs of Google’s Smartwatch. Google is getting into the smartwatch game with their LG-partner featuring a 1.65=inch screen and a resolution of 280×280 pixels. [...]

Apple CarPlay Looks to Redefine Automotive Interaction and Infotainment

It was probably only a matter of time before Apple got into the automotive game in some form or another. So far Apple seems to be playing this game on a fair level playing field as they showcase a simplified interface for the infotainment system and automotive controls, which was first hinted at CES 2014. [...]

Does President Obama Think Facebook Isn’t Cool Anymore?

You may have seen the headlines where a statement from President Obama said while at a coffee shop attempting to sign up people within the 18 to 34 year old demographic for the Affordable Car Act plan. The President was overheard by an Atlantic associate editor Robinson Meyer saying “It seems like they don’t use [...]